We attend to everytihg concern the creation of gardens and flowerbeds: small gardens, action of requalification, creation of green space in company contexts.
We personally take care of:

  • Design: the right plant to the right place to have certain results of strenght, growth, bloom.

  • Plant choice: coming from our nursery or from selected suppliers.

  • Materials, enriching the creations with products and handmade articles in conformity with your liking.

  • Irrigation plant engineering










Bibiemme snc di Bertarella Ivano e Manuel
Via San Faustino, 69 - 42048 Rubiera (RE)
VIVAIO: Via Ospitaletto - Rubiera (RE)
Tel / Fax 0522 628463
Manuel 349 4323219
Ivano 340 2753975
P. IVA e Cod. Fisc.: 02233620356

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